Polyester resin for Jacuzzi and bathtub

Polyester resin for Jacuzzi and bathtub

Spray-up process
In this process, fibers and resin are simultaneously sprayed into the mold so that the fibers are continuously guided to the crushing part (on the tang part) which moves with the help of air until they are cut and applied to the surface of the mold with the help of the flow of resin along with the catalyst. to be
Resin and catalyst may enter in one spray gun or from two guns, but in any case, they are mixed together when they reach the mold.
After spraying the resin, a roller is used to remove the air bubbles so that the surface is smooth and the fibers are completely laid, then the next layers of resin and fibers are applied, and finally the piece is baked in pressure and temperature. (cooking can be made faster by applying heat)
The advantages of this process include the ability to move the spray gun, low cost, faster speed than manual layering, and less manpower.
Among the disadvantages of this method, we can mention the failure to achieve a uniform pattern in small pieces.

The series of resins produced in Alborz Organic Materials Engineering Company with chemistry codes 714, 715, 721, and 730 are economical resins with high quality and mechanical properties suitable for manual layering and spraying.

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