The business of Mandage Baspar Fajr Asya Company, which started its activity in October 2014 and until today, is the leader in most of the composite industries, covers loyal customers.
Baspar Fajr Asia trading center has traveled a steep and steep path until today and has conquered the peaks of Zabadi by trusting in God Almighty.
The business team of Mandage Baspar Fajr Asia Company is proud to move headlong and victoriously in the most famous special projects in the country. The scope of production and supply of products and raw materials from the world’s famous brands in the fields of oil, gas, petrochemicals, mines, aviation industries. , marine industries, wind turbines, automobile manufacturing, in this company is very broad and extensive.

Technical and specialized adhesives and seals
Epoxy resin, vinyl ester, polyester
Specialized fibers (glass, carbon, kevlar, high silica, sglass, ceramic felt, ceramic PP, ceramic rope, carbon, kevlar, basalt, rayon
Parts manufacturing systems
Vacuum bag system, infusion system,

Machinery and parts
Special additives for the production of polyester and epoxy resins
If you need to place an order in the field of the following, Baspar Fajr Asia’s permanent company, having technical and specialized personnel and commercial offices in all parts of the world, declares its readiness.