A message from the CEO

Years of effort in the field of composite industry and with all the problems and obstacles that have been created in the world for the composite industry due to the strategic condition of this industry.


Mandage Bespar Company was established in 2005 with the efforts of a group of experts and engineers in the chemical industry, and the familiarity of these people with the problems in Iran's composite industry led this group to expand its activity in the field of composites.
Over time, the fundamental difference between foreign and domestic prices encouraged this group to produce some products in a permanent factory. These goods are a group of epoxy, adhesives, polyester, vinyl ester. At present, the technical engineering group of Mandegh Bespar Fajr Asia, with more motivation and experience in the composite industry, plays a significant role in providing raw materials and specialized and general materials for this industry in Iran. In the specialized field, the progress of this company has been in line with the progress of different countries and the progress of the composite industry in Iran, and has always been the focus of other countries.
The distribution of RTV2, Erosil, vinyl ester silicones with reasonable price and durability and continuity in a certain period of time, shows the success of this group in the field of general business. This company hopes to be able to continue the topic of customer orientation more than in the past and serve the craftsmen of this profession in Iran. This knowledge collection is based on the fact that it can also maintain the relationship between the university and the industry. With the hope that the sturdy tree of Iran's composite industry will become stronger with the passage of time to be a reserve for the future generations and children of this country.